Similar to accounting, legal auditing and cost analysis is available only when you need it. GBK Consulting will make an exhaustive review of attorney billing and legal costs at an economical rate (substantially below what most lawyers charge). The process begins by meeting the executive responsible for legal expenses to determine how the client uses outside legal services and the company’s goal for cost savings and litigation management. The business then receives the advantage and the benefit of a 3rd party review and independent report to include in its records for when legal fees are scrutinized by investors, shareholders, acquiring companies, or others.

Audit legal invoices for costs savings

Upon execution of confidentiality documents acceptable to the client, Ray will review legal bills as follows:

-all data entry (e.g. entering 1.1 hours of legal work as 11 hours)
-legal descriptions vs. time billed compared to actual legal work product in the attorney's file
-clerical and administrative work billed as professional services
-attorney travel time, and expenses
-procedural violations ordered corrected by the Court
-junior attorney training costs passed on to the client
-senior partners billing their higher rate for work associate attorneys could and should perform
-legal costs billed as bulk or standard rates and not the actual costs incurred by the law firm
-ambiguous retainer agreements supporting bulk, 'value billing'

Lower legal costs with budgets and fixed fees

A detailed report identifying all billing errors and problem areas will be submitted for executive review and discussion and may contain the following recommendations:

-custom budgets for pleading, discovery, and trial
-custom scheduling of mandatory case status reports
-billing guidelines contained in case management and cost control software
-analysis of fixed and administrative costs savings areas

At the client’s discretion, Ray Kriegbaum may then use his experience, knowledge and the assistance of his legal team to effectively negotiate legal cost reductions with outside law firms.